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Gulel Attorneys at Law has been providing prestigious and reliable legal services to its blue chip clients.

The main principle of the firm is to find the most suitable solution for the legal problem of every client with a creative point of view. With its experienced and dynamic team, Gulel Attorneys at Law focuses on tailor-fit solutions and efficient services.

Offices of Gulel Attorneys at Law consist of lawyers with advanced knowledge of English and German, and we also provide services in French through our solution partners.

Gulel Attorneys at Law provides legal services to its clients in various sectors including but not limited to energy, construction, tourism, retail, sport, food, automotive sectors with a team 10 plus lawyers with exceptional practices

Gulel Attorney's At Law

Expertise of Gulel

“ Gulel Attorney's At Law presents its clients with a complete mix of experience, knowledge, quality and dynamism. ”

Energy & Mining & Infrastructure Law

Gulel’s main field of activity is energy law which includes providing legal advice on energy market regulations, licenses and licensed activities, transmission, transportation, distribution

Mergers & Acquisitions

Gulel’s M&A services include conducting legal due diligence reviews and drafting reports, drafting share purchase agreements, shareholders agreements, key personnel

Contracts Law

Gulel carries out activities in the fields of preparing, acting national and international contracts, solution of the contractual disputes, minimizing the risks for our clients during and after agreement preparation and following up the legal benefits before the courts.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Gulel’s consultancy and litigation teams are also ready to help its clients for matters regarding the conflicts which include agency, distributorship, unfair competition, purchase and sale agreements; determination, collection of, send in bailiff receivables of high amounts; bankruptcy and liquidation of the companies; consumer protection, product liability; insurance and reassurance; import and export issues, customs, transportation, customs tariffs, valuing in exports and imports, and recognition; and approval of the foreign court and arbitrator decrees.

Employment Law and HR Consultancy

Gulel advises across the full spectrum of employment, compensation and benefits issues, including advisory and transactional, contentious and non-contentious. This includes advising on issues from executive compensation, employment, incentives, labour, employee relations, disputes, HR policies and privacy, to restructuring, pensions and immigration.

Foreign Investment Consultancy

Gulel’s services in this field cover different aspects of the joint venture projects at any stage. Gulel provides legal and strategic consultancy services by preparing and negotiating license, partnership or shareholders

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law is a branch of law that protects intellectual works bearing economic value. Gulel performs a wide range of activities including patent, brand, industrial design, copyrights and internet domains. Gulel also assists its clients for drafting agreements, registration steps, renewal, continuation, execution for intellectual property rights and anti-piracy, piracy and imitation surveys.

Incentive Consultancy

Gulel provides services to the entrepreneurs, who want to establish their own business; or to make new investments; or to improve their competitiveness and quality standards and to find support for their investments, with incentive consultancy with updated and precise information in all sectors.

Real Estate and Construction

The real estate sector has become one of the fastest growing sectors of Turkey and Gulel provides best service which meets their legal needs. With respect to real estate and construction matters,

Litigation and Arbitration

Gulel represents its local and foreign clients before all courts, commercial arbitration divisions and administrative divisions (such as EMRA, ICC, ICSID, UNCITRAL), and also provides services as arbitrator and conciliator. Moreover, in dispute resolution, litigation and execution services, Gulel does not only represent the rights of its clients, but also inform its clients on all relevant possibilities.

Family Law

Considering expertise of Gulel’s litigation team on family law, Gulel carries out operations such as preparing the marital property regimes to be applied for the spouses before marriage, following up contracted and conflicted divorce lawsuits, alimony, custody of the common children, material and spiritual damages and dissolution of the martial property regime between the spouses, recognition and approval of the divorce decrees for the Turkish citizens living abroad by the courts of foreign countries and recording the family residence annotation in the title deed etc.

Franchise Consultancy

Gulel has provided many entrepreneurs for realization of franchise models. Considering such experience, Gulel provides consultancy for establishing franchise models, preparing all related agreements and managing franchise sales and solutions of the possible legal disputes later on.

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